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About Haz Piel

Hazpiel is an international company that has its roots in the Mediterranean. That is where the vision arose to design luxurious, environmentally friendly and accessible products that keep the skin young, fresh and new. The vision originated from a passion for care for every skin type. And with passion, knowledge, innovation and patented technology, we continue to produce high-quality products with proven results.

Hazpiel stands for renewing skin and exudes luxury. It not only exudes luxury, but it also accentuates the beauty. With this in mind, we continue to design products with the right formulas and concentrated ingredients to nourish, refresh and renew every type of skin.

The body is important, that’s why our standards are high. Our formulas are subject to strict requirements. This makes it possible to create the right balance between an effective and safe product. We stand for safety, responsibility and We work efficiently. Haz Piel is not a toxic product, but a product that has been clinically proven. Haz Piel meets the strict requirements of European regulations and is certified by Ecocontrol.


hazpiel browsetter
hazpiel brow setter

Brow Setter